Business Edge Oy

Business Edge Oy is a management consulting company which develops the competitive advantage and profitability of companies. We do this with training and consulting methodologies working with management and professionals working with customers. Experience of development projects in different industries and understanding of different methodologies gives a strong basis for choosing methods and approaches that bring concrete results in real world.

We are one of Miller Heiman Group's service providers in Europe. Miller Heiman Group methodologies are used to win sales in the most demanding sales environments. With those methodologies sales can bring better results, consistently and measurably. The methods work best for companies that build long term customer relationships with very demanding customers: especially when choosing the product, service or solution is a major decision for the customer and the competition is intense. Methods have been proven and are constantly being tested in real world sales situations with the most demanding global customers.

Miller Heiman Group’s methodologies and processes keep your sales teams focused on, and aligned with, your customer – enabling the sales force to continually provide measurable value in the solutions they provide to customer challenges.

When you want to have systematic and predictable sales work and your organization understands the benefits of process-like work or you have changes impacting customer interface to be implemented, please contact us. Our experience and methodologies can be useful.