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About Us

Kimmo Toivakka

Business Edge Oy is a management consulting company, which develops the competitive edge and profitability of companies. We focus on developing sales and management efforts and providing change management support & training.

Development actions are delivered with training and consulting methodologies, focusing on management and professionals working with customers. Experience of development projects in different industries and understanding of different methodologies gives a strong basis for choosing solutions and tools that work in real day-to-day work.

As an independent Miller Heiman Sales Consultant we are part of Miller Heiman service providers in Europe. Miller Heiman is an international consulting company specializing in complex sales processes and tools.

Miller Heiman helps companies and individuals that compete for high-value business-to-business sales develop strategies, processes and skills to consistently win business, especially when the sales process is complex and the marketplace demanding. This grows profitable sales by increasing close rates, lowering the cost of complex sales and reducing the length of the sales cycles.

Business Edge Oy was founded 2012 by managing director Kimmo Toivakka. Long and wide experience in training and consulting both in Finland and internationally gives a good foundation for successful development actions.

More information about Miller Heiman and the services can be found on these pages and at