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How Do We Do It

We believe that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable processes. Miller Heiman core programmes – Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling® and Large Account Management Process (LAMP®) – are the gold standard for managing complex sales and accounts.

Miller Heiman methodologies will enable your teams to:

  • Increase productivity and forecast accuracy
  • Meet quota more systematically
  • Grow strategic accounts and build long-term customer loyalty
  • Improve results and protect margins


Methodologies are consistent, repeatable processes to create and manage opportunities and to protect and grow strategic accounts. 

  • You’ll get tools to enable more effective sales management, drive adoption of best practices and enhance collaboration.
  • Benchmark sales force practices and productivity to worlds best sales organisations, identify improvement opportunities, and build concrete roadmaps for sales excellence
  • You can compare and assess sales talent, identify developmental needs and measure the return on training investments.

Miller Heiman programmes cover the gamut to address needs and concerns of C-Suite Executives, Senior Sales Leaders, Training and Development Leaders, Sales Operations Leaders, Front-line Sales Managers and Front-line Salespeople.

Delivery options 

We work closely with our customers to design the programme to meet the requirements on scope, timeline, locations, languages and preferred delivery methods. 

There are numerous choices for how the programme is delivered, including the following options:

  • In-house workshops – Miller Heiman facilitator-led sessions at the time and venue of your choice
  • Public workshops – Miller Heiman facilitator-led session at accessible venues and locations around the world. Updated listing can be found on Miller Heiman web-page.
  • Client Associates – Miller Heiman trains one or more of your staff members to deliver or co-deliver the workshops. Miller Heiman has a well-developed process for supporting “Client Associates” in the field
  • Online delivery – a full web delivery approach that is ideal for organisations or individuals who are challenged with finding time to attend face-to-face training or who are seeking to implement a sales process quickly
  • Blended delivery – a combination of onsite workshops supported with web-based sessions to embed the training in their own time and location

The workshops introduce the language, techniques and methodologies and immediately get participants to work on their own current sales situations and opportunities to put the learning into practice. The workshops therefore also take the form of sales clinics where the participants walk away with action plans for their most important deals and meetings.