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Why Miller Heiman Group?

Miller Heiman Group has been in business for over 40 years, being the world’s largest sales performance consulting and training firm and the preeminent thought leaders in the space. 

  • Over 2,000,000 alumni
  • Over 20,000 client engagements
  • Programs translated in over 20 languages
  • Operating in over 35 countries


Miller Heiman Group helps companies and individuals that compete for high-value business-to-business sales develop strategies, processes and skills to consistently win business, especially when the sales process is complex and the marketplace demanding. This grows profitable sales by increasing close rates, lowering the cost of complex sales and reducing the length of the sales cycles.


Miller Heiman Group solutions have been proven and refined with thousands of clients worldwide. They bring results, in real-world customer situations, executed by real-world sales organizations. Miller Heiman solutions reflect our hands-on experience. Irrespective of the solution, client organizations are stronger as a result of working with us. Our solutions always help improve and sustain performance.

Results fast

We understand the urgency Sales Leaders face to drive revenue. Our solutions can be deployed quickly to diagnose problems and achieve significant results fast. Our methodologies can be implemented immediately to analyze and plan current sales opportunities and accounts.

Expertise and research

Sales performance is Miller Heiman Group’s sole focus and passion. You will get access to the top experts in the business. Our knowledge is backed by extensive experience and research. CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, continuously researches, measures and analyses the best practices of world-class sales organisations. They publish several studies throughout the year, helping companies of all sizes to make better decisions.

Rigor and constant improvement

Miller Heiman Group understanding of sales challenges and issues impacting sales performance is unique. We’re up to date on today’s business issues and have proven frameworks, tools and diagnostics that ensure you will receive practical solutions that will work in the real world.

Results We Help Impact

  • Increasing sales force performance and productivity
  • Improving win-rates on large deals
  • Reducing sales cycle volatility
  • Improving sales forecasting
  • Sustaining margins
  • Shortening sales cycles
  • Increasing average deal sizes
  • Improving customer satisfaction